S2 Geography


Useful links

Collapsing Slopes
Hong Kong Slope Safety
Landslide reports
Relief along the Chang Jiang
Causes of landslides
Distribution map of mean annual rainfall in Hong Kong
Causes of landslides
Hong Kong Geographic Data

Landslides Cases in Hong Kong

[新聞] 象山巴士總站山泥傾瀉 (16/6/1993)

蘋果日報 20090726 汶川連日暴雨山泥傾瀉巨石撞斷橋 6死
Too much water
Special Announcement on Flooding in the Northern New Territories by Hong Kong Observatory
General information about flooding
Flood prevention in Hong Kong by Drainage Department
Taming the Spreading Deserts
USGS site for desertification
Information sheet about desertification by WWF
United Nations Convention to combat desertification
Desertification - A threat to the Sahel
Deserification - solutions
Farming the wrong way
What is organic farming? by Kadoorie Farm
Hong Kong Organic Farming Association
Organic farming in Hong Kong
What is organic farming? by Greenpeace
Too many or too few
Population of China
Population distribution of China

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